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The Wenner-Gren Foundation

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2006 Annual Report

Program Highlights for 2006

Research Grants and the Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowships 2006

The Foundation provides support for individual research through the Dissertation Research Grant and Post-Ph.D. Research Grant, and the writing-up of completed research through the Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship. Across these categories, 161 grants were awarded during 2006 to scholars whose work reflects a range of interests and themes spanning the discipline. The following section highlights some of the themes and notable topics across the four fields (archaeology, physical-biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology and social-cultural anthropology), illustrating the variety of research the Foundation supported during the year.

International Programs 2006

One important part of the Foundation's mission is to support anthropology throughout the world. Through specialized programs such as the Wadsworth Fellowship Program which provides support to individuals who aspire to a level of further training unavailable in their own countries and the International Collaborative Research Grant which puts together researchers from different countries, the Foundation aims to fulfill this part of its mission. The success of these programs can be gauged by the number of students who have returned to their home countries taking on prominent academic positions and in this way strengthening anthropology across the world.

International Symposia and Workshops 2006

The Foundation has convened more than 130 international symposia since its inception on topical issues in anthropology. The themes chosen reflect the diversity of the discipline, and scholars from across the globe have participated. In 2006 the Wenner-Gren International Symposium Series launched three new volumes that were the product of previous international symposia. With these publications the Foundation continues to pursue its goal of ensuring that results from its symposia can have a significant impact and presence in the discipline.

Other Foundation Programs and Activities

The Foundation supports a variety of other programs and activities throughout the year, including the Conference and Workshop Grants, the journal Current Anthropology and a Casting Program, among others. Through these different activities the Wenner-Gren Foundation continues to strengthen the field and find as many ways as possible to ensure that anthropology continues to thrive. Find out more about some of the developments and changes that have taken place over the past year.