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2007 Annual Report

Grantmaking Statistics 2007

Major Grant Program Statistics

The Foundation has six major grant programs. Dissertation Fieldwork Grants, Post Ph.D. Research Grants, and International Collaborative Research Grants are given to individuals at various stages of career to carry out research projects. The Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowships are awarded to young scholars to provide time for publication of major pieces of research. The Wadsworth Fellowships allow scholars to receive short or long-term training in Anthropology that is not available in their home countries and the Conference and Workshop Grants fund academic meetings in the discipline.

Over these six major grant programs the Foundation received 1270 applications and made 225 awards (see the summary table below). By far the largest program is the Dissertation Fieldwork Grant program with 787 applications, 122 awards (success rate = 15.5%). This is followed by the Post-Ph.D Research Grant program with 242 applications and 44 awards (success rate = 18.2%).

Summary of 2007 Applications and Approvals
ApplicationsApproved% Approved
Dissertation Fieldwork Grants78712215.5%
Post-Ph.D. Research Grants2424418.2%
Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowships12086.7%
*Conference/Workshop Grants493163.3%
*Int. Collaborative Research Grants431330.2%
*Wadsworth Fellowships29724.1%
*Programs have preliminary inquiries and statistics reflect only those applicants who were invited to submit a full application.

Application Numbers

The Foundation received the largest number of applications in its history in 2007. Across the three largest programs (Dissertation Fieldwork, Post-Ph.D. Research and Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship) there was a 14.8% increase in 2007 in relation to 2006 (148 additional applications) and a 30.0% increase since 2003 (244 additional applications) (see table below). This increase is particularly apparent for the Dissertation Fieldwork Grant where the numbers have increased by 13.7% over the past year (95 additional applications) and by 32.9% since 2003 (192 additional applications). The Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship has increased by 34.8% from a smaller base over the past year (31 additional applications) and by 96.7% over the past 5 years (51 additional applications).

Application numbers for the individual research programs
Dissertation Fieldwork Grants503582525560491592570642692787
Post-Ph.D. Research Grants223241252236232252220208220242
Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowships5770705162619310289120

Additional application and success rate statistics can be found here. These data show that the increase in the Dissertation Fieldwork applications is primarily in the area of social anthropology, and to a lesser extent (and from a much smaller base) in biological anthropology. There have also been a disproportionately larger number of applications from women. Across the three research grant programs applications from women have increased by 20.6% since 2006 and by 42.4% since 2003, while those from men have increased by 5.8% since 2006 and by 6.6% since 2003.

Applications from both US and non-US domiciled applicants (across the three programs) have increased, although applications from non-US domiciled applicants show a larger percentage increase, but from a smaller base (see below). In 2007 applications from non-US domiciled applicants comprised 30.0% of the total applications received.

Applications by Domicile
2004200520062007% increase 06:07
non-US Domicile24325027133322.9%
US Domicile64070273081611.8%

The Foundation believes that this increase is due to a variety of reasons. Prime among these is the reorganization of the Foundation’s procedures, which allows declined applicants to be notified in sufficient time to submit revised applications by the next biannual application deadline. We also believe that the new online application system has facilitated the process of submission and the clarity of the new website has increased the awareness, and particularly the international awareness, of our funding programs.

As in past years, the great majority of applications are from socio-cultural anthropologists, followed by biological anthropologists and archaeologists and then by anthropological linguists. The Post-Ph.D. Research Grant program receives a lower percentage of applications from social-cultural anthropologists than do the other two programs (see table below).

Applications by Sub-Discipline in 2007
Dissertation FieldworkPost-Ph.D. ResearchHunt Fellowship
No. of Applications787242120

Applications, Approvals, and Success Rates for 2007

Application success rates for Individual Research Grants and Conference and Workshop Grants, broken down by gender, citizenship, and domicile.