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The Wenner-Gren Foundation

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2006 Annual Report


Post-Ph.D. Research Grant

Primary Contact/Grantee Project Title Institutional Affiliation
Askew, Marc Richard Askew, Dr. Marc Richard, Victoria U., Melbourne, Australia - To aid research on 'Neighborhood in a Time of Danger: Buddhist and Muslim Villagers Amidst Thailand's Southern Insurgency' Victoria U.
Chauhan, Parth Randhir Chauhan, Dr. Parth Randhir, Stone Age Institute, Gosport, IN - To aid 'Palaeoanthropological Surveys and GIS Mapping in the Narmada Basin, Central India' Stone Age Institute
Cords, Marina Cords, Dr. Marina, Columbia U., New York, NY - To aid research on 'Collective Action, Kinship, and Reciprocity: Communal Territorial Defense in an Old World Monkey' Columbia U.
Cox, Murray Paul Cox, Dr. Murray Paul, U. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ - To aid research on 'Determining Prehistoric Interaction Spheres from Commensal Genetics: (Canarium Indicum) in the Solomons Archipelago' Arizona, U. of
de Ruiter, Darryl James de Ruiter, Dr. Darryl James, Texas A&M U., College Station, TX - To aid research on 'Paleoanthropological Investigation of the Pliocene Virginia Railway Cut, Free State, South Africa' Texas A&M U.
Demeter, Fabrice Demeter, Dr. Fabrice, Musee de l'Homme, Paris, France - To aid research on 'Archaeological and Palaeontological Research on Upper Mekong River Terraces in Cambodia' Musee de l'homme
Doane, Molly Ann Doane, Dr. Molly Ann, Marquette U., Milwaukee, WI - To aid research on 'The Cultural Politics of Fair Trade Coffee: Commodifying Social Justice' Marquette U.
Dominy, Nathaniel Jay Dominy, Dr. Nathaniel Jay, U. of California, Santa Cruz, CA - To aid research on 'Significance of Plant Underground Storage Organs in Human Evolution' California, Santa Cruz, U. of
Dussart, Francoise Denise Dussart, Dr. Francoise Denise, U. of Connecticut, Storrs, CT - To aid research on 'Living with Chronic Illness in Aboriginal Australia' Connecticut, U. of
Emery, Katherine Frances Emery, Dr. Katherine Frances, Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, FL - To aid research on 'Hunting Ceremonialism in the Guatemalan Highlands: Applying Ethnoarchaeology and Zooarchaeology to Commoner Ritual' Florida Museum of Natural History
Friedman, Sara Lizbeth Friedman, Dr. Sara Lizbeth, Indiana U., Bloomington, IN - To aid research on 'Citizenship as Official and Everyday Practice: Chinese Marital Immigrants in Taiwan' Indiana U., Bloomington
Golovanova, Lubov Vitalievna Golovanova, Dr. Lubov V., Laboratory of Prehistory, St. Petersburg, Russia - To aid research on 'Significance of Ecological Factors in the Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transition' Laboratory of the Prehistory
Gopher, Abraham Gopher, Dr. Abraham, Tel Aviv U., Tel Aviv, Israel - To aid research on 'Man and Environment in the Middle Pleistocene: The Case of Qesem Cave, Israel' Tel Aviv U.
Hanks, Bryan K. Hanks, Dr. Bryan K., U. of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA - To aid research on 'A Bioarchaeological Investigation of Middle Bronze Age Production and Social 'Status' in the Southern Urals, Russia' Pittsburgh, U. of
Haws, Jonathan Adam Haws, Dr. Jonathan Adam, U. of Louisville, Louisville, KY - To aid research on 'Long-Term Trends in Upper Paleolithic Subsistence at Lapa do Picareiro, Portugal' Louisville, U. of
Holmes, Douglas Reginald Holmes, Dr. Douglas Reginald, State U. of New York, Binghamton, NY - To aid research on 'Economy of Words: Knowledge Production Within the Deutsche Bundesbank and the European Central Bank' New York, Binghamton, State U. of
Irish, Joel David Irish, Dr. Joel David, U. of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK - To aid research on 'Nubians in Ancient Egypt: Excavation of the C-Group Cemetery at Hierakonpolis' Alaska, Fairbanks, U. of
Jensen-Seaman, Michael Ignatius Jensen-Seaman, Dr. Michael Ignatius, Duquesne U., Pittsburgh, PA - To aid research on 'Molecular Evolution of the Primate Relaxin Gene Family' Duquesne U.
Komar, Debra Komar, Dr. Debra, U. of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM - To aid research on 'The Use of Material Culture to Establish Ethnic Identity in International Investigations of Genocide' New Mexico, Albuquerque, U. of
Kuppinger, Petra Yvonne Kuppinger, Dr. Petra Yvonne, Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL - To aid research on 'Space, Culture, and Islam in Stuttgart, Germany' Monmouth College
Minc, Leah Delia Minc, Dr. Leah Delia, Oregon State U., Corvallis, OR - To aid research on 'Ceramic Exchange and the Early Zapotec State: Assessing Regional Economic Interaction using Compositional Analyses' Oregon State U.
Nadel, Daniel Nadel, Dr. Daniel, U. of Haifa, Haifa, Israel - To aid research on 'Natufian Burials and Associated Mortars at Raqefet Cave, Israel: Growing Economic Social Complexity on Threshold of Agriculture' Haifa, U. of
Norton, Heather Lynne Norton, Dr. Heather Lynne, U. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ - To aid research on 'Human Pigmentation Candidate Gene Variation and Signatures of Localized Adaptation' Arizona, U. of
Orta, Andrew Orta, Dr. Andrew, U. of Illinois, Urbana, IL - To aid 'An Ethnography of International Business Education' Illinois, Urbana, U. of
Panagopoulou, Eleni Panagopoulou, Dr. Eleni, Ephoreia Palaeoanthropology-Speleology, Athens, Greece - To aid research on 'Late Pleistocene of the Mani Peninsula, Southern Greece: Paleoanthropological Investigation' Ephory of Paleoanthropology-Speleology
Rasmussen, Susan Jane Rasmussen, Dr. Susan Jane, U. of Houston, Houston, TX - To aid research on 'Performance, Modernity, and Memory in Contemporary Tuareg Theater and Acting in Northern Mali' Houston, U. of
Roe, David Roe, Dr. David, James Cook U., Townsville, Australia - To aid research on 'The Archaeology of Colonisation, Continuity and Change in Santa Isabel, Solomon Islands' James Cook U.
Rofel, Lisa Beth Rofel, Dr. Lisa Beth, U. of California, Santa Cruz, CA - To aid research on 'Made in China, Designed in Italy: The Twenty-First Century Silk Road' California, Santa Cruz, U. of
Rook, Lorenzo Rook, Dr. Lorenzo, U. of Florence, Firenze, Italy - To aid research on 'Khasm El Ghirba (Sudan): An Early to Middle Pleistocene Site Rich in Fossil Vertebrates and Lithic Industries' Florence, U. of
Saj, Tania Saj, Dr. Tania, McGill U., Montreal, Canada - To aid research on 'The Relationship Between Female Energy Balance and Physiological Stress: Implications for Understanding Primate Group Size' McGill U.
Semaw, Sileshi Semaw, Dr. Sileshi, Stone Age Institute, Gosport, IN - To aid the 'Gona Palaeoanthropological Research Project' Stone Age Institute
Shen, Guanjun Shen, Dr. Guanjun, Nanjing Normal U., Nanjing, P.R. China - To aid research on 'A1/Be Burial Dating of Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian China' Nanjing Normal U.
Shepherd, Christopher John Shepherd, Christopher John, RMIT U., Melbourne, Australia - To aid research on 'Agricultural Biodiversity and the Politics of In Situ Conservation Programs in the Peruvian Andes' RMIT University
Sokefeld, Martin Sokefeld, Dr. Martin, U. of Munich, Munich, Germany - To aid research on 'Kashmiri Diaspora and the Kashmir Dispute' Munich, U. of
Susino, George James Susino, George James, U. of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa - To aid research on 'Optical Dating of Quartz Microdebitage from Archaeological Deposits of Sibudu Cave, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa' Witwatersrand, U. of
Swanepoel, Natalie Josephine Swanepoel, Dr. Natalie Josephine, U. of South Africa, Pretoria, South Africa - To aid research on 'A Regional Archaeology of Trade, Warfare, and Big Men in Pre-Colonial Northern Ghana' South Africa, U. of (UNISA)
Swenson, Edward R. Swenson, Dr. Edward R., U. of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, AB, Canada - To aid research on 'Ritual, Household, and the Politics of Space in Canoncillio, Peru' Lethbridge, U. of
Tejedor, Marcelo Fabian Tejedor, Dr. Marcelo Fabian, U. Nacional de la Patagonia, Esquel, Argentina - To aid 'Fossil Primates From Patagonia: A Study of Cebine-Hominin Parallel Evolution' Patagonia, National U. of
Vitzthum, Virginia Judith Vitzthum, Dr. Virginia Judith, State U. of New York, Binghamton, NY - To aid research on 'Testing Hypotheses of the Dietary Determinants of Ovarian Hormones: A Comparative Study of Three Populations' Inst. of Primary and Preventative Health Care
Vokes, Richard Philip Vokes, Dr. Richard Philip, U. of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand - To aid research on 'The 'Globalization' of Religion: Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity in South-Western Uganda and Beyond' Canterbury, U. of
Wilmsen, Edwin Norman Wilmsen, Dr. Edwin Norman, U. of Edinburgh, Scotland - To aid research on 'Precolonial Botswana Social Formations: Optical Petrography of Pottery and Clays Linking Peoples, Pots, and Places' Edinburgh, U. of
Woolard, Kathryn Ann Woolard, Dr. Kathryn Ann, U. of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA - To aid 'A Longitudinal Study of Language Ideology, Policy, and Practices in Bilingual Barcelona' California, San Diego, U. of
Yanagisako, Sylvia Junko Yanagisako, Dr. Sylvia Junko, Stanford U., Stanford, CA - To aid research on 'Made in Translation: Italian Family Firms in China' Stanford U.