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The Wenner-Gren Foundation

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2008 Annual Report


Int'l Collaborative Research Grant

Primary Contact/Grantee Project Title Institutional Affiliation
Bray, Tamara L. Bray, Dr. Tamara L., Wayne State U., Detroit, MI; and Echeverria Almeida, Mr. Jose, Fondo de Salvamento del Patrimonio Cultural, Canton Ibarra, Ecuador - To aid collaborative research on 'Imperial Inca Statecraft and the Architecture of Power' Wayne State U.
Dressler, Wolfram H. Dressler, Dr. Wolfram H., U. of Queensland, Australia; and Pulhin, Dr. Juan M., U. of Philippines - To aid collaborative research on 'An Ethnography of Rural Livelihood Transitions among Migrant and Indigenous Uplanders on Palawan Island, Philippines' Queensland, U. of
Flad, Rowan K. Flad, Dr. Rowan K., Harvard U., Cambridge, MA; and Li, Dr. Shuicheng, Peking U., Beijing, P.R. China - To aid collaborative research on 'Changing Landscape and Settlement Patterns during the Rise of Complexity in the Chengdu Plain, Sichuan, China' Harvard U.
Indriati, Etty Indriati, Dr. Etty, Gadjah Mada U., Indonesia; and Leonard, Dr. William, Northwestern U., IL - To aid collaborative research on 'Energetic Nutritional and Dental Health of Foragers Orang Rimba in the Sumatran Forest, Indonesia' Gadjah Mada U.
Kidd, Kenneth K. Kidd, Dr. Kenneth K., Yale U., New Haven, CT; and Kajuna, Dr. Sylvester L. B., Hubert Kairuki Memorial U., Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - To aid coll. research on 'Genetic Relationships among East African Populations based on Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms' Yale U.
Klarich, Elizabeth A. Klarich, Dr. Elizabeth A., Cotsen Inst (UCLA), Santa Monica, CA; and Flores Blanco, Luis A., Puno, Peru - To aid collaborative research on 'Evaluating Early Urbanism at Pukara, Peru' California, Los Angeles, U. of
Lewis, Cecil M. Lewis, Dr. Cecil M., U. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK; and Huerta Canales de Miranda, Doris V. - To aid collaborative research on 'Mitochondrial Population Genomics in Peru' Oklahoma, U of
Norton, Christopher J. Norton, Dr. Christopher J., Hunter College, NY; and Jin, Dr. Changzhu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, P.R. China-To aid collaborative research on 'Hominin Migratory and Behavioral Variability during the Chinese Plio-Pleistocene: Shandong Province' New York, Hunter College, City U. of
Russell, Mary Thembiwe Russell, Dr. Mary T., U. of the Witwatersrand, Wits, South Africa; and Kiura, Dr. Purity W., Nat'l Museums of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya - To aid collaborative research on 'The Archaeology of Namoratunga I, Lokori, Northern Kenya' Witwatersrand, U. of
Santha, Istvan Santha, Dr. Istvan, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary; and Ssorin-Chaikov, Dr. Nikolai, Cambridge U., Cambridge, UK - To aid collaborative research on 'Power, 'Authorities', and Emotions in Post-Socialist Russia' Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Scott, Robert Smith Scott, Dr. Robert S., Rutgers U., New Brunswick, NJ; and Kaya, Dr. Tumel T., Ege U., Bornova- Izmir, Turkey - To aid collaborative research on 'Environmental Dynamics of Western Eurasian Hominids During the Late Miocene' Rutgers U.