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The Wenner-Gren Foundation

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2005 Annual Report


Int'l Collaborative Research Grant

Primary Contact/Grantee Project Title Institutional Affiliation
Abelmann, Nancy Abelmann, Dr. Nancy, U. of Illinois, Urbana, IL; and Dr. Hae-Joang Cho, Yonsei U., Seoul, South Korea - To aid collaborative research on 'The Anxious South Korean Student: Globalization, Human Capital, and Class' Illinois, Urbana, U. of
Bentley, Gillian R. Bentley, Dr. Gillian R., U. College London, London, United Kingdom; and Dr. Farid U. Ahamed, Chittagong U., Chittagong, Bangladesh - To aid collaborative research on 'Influences on Male Migrant/Nonmigrant Bangladeshi: Female Body Shape Preferences' College London, U.
Caton, Steven Charles Caton, Dr. Steven C., Harvard U., Cambridge, MA; and Abdo A. Othman, Sana'a U., Sana'a, Republic of Yemen - To aid collaborative research on 'Environmental Events and State Governance: An Ethnography of a Crisis in the Sana'a Basin, Republic of Yemen' Harvard U.
Di Fiore, Anthony Francis Di Fiore, Dr. Anthony, New York U., New York, NY; and Dr. Eduardo Fernandez-Duque, Formosa, Argentina - To aid collaborative research on comparative socioecology of monogamous neotropical primates in the Ecuadorian Amazon and the Argentinian Chaco New York U.
Fleagle, John Gwynn Fleagle, Dr. John G., Stony Brook U., Stony Brook, NY; and Dr. Rajeev Patnaik , Panjab U., Chandigarh, India - To aid collaborative research on 'African Primates in the Early Pleistocene of India' New York, Stony Brook, State U. of
Kaestle, Frederika Ann Kaestle, Dr. Frederika A., Indiana U., Bloomington, IN; and Ribeiro-Dos-Santos, Andrea, U. Federal do Para, Belem, Brazil - To aid collaborative research on 'mtDNA in Brazilian Prehistoric Groups of the Last 12,000 Years' Indiana U., Bloomington
Rappaport, Joanne Rappaport, Dr. Joanne, Georgetown U. Washington, DC; and Dr. Marta Zambrano, U. Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, Colombia - To aid collaborative research on 'Race and Mestizaje in Early Colonial Bogota' Georgetown U.
Shen, Chen Shen, Dr. Chen, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada; and Dr. Xing Gao, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China - To aid collaborative research on 'Palaeonenvironment & Lithic Technology of the Early Pleistocene in the Nihewan Basin, Northern China' Royal Ontario Museum
Shott, Michael J. Shott, Dr. Michael, U. of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls; & Dr. Jose Lanata, U. of Buenos Aires, Argentina - To aid collaborative research on High-Latitude Hunter-Gatherers North & South: Variation & Adaptation in the Holocene of Patagonia & the Great Basin Northern Iowa, U. of
Wastell, Sari Wastell, Dr. Sari, U. of London, London, UK; and Starman, Dr. Hannah, Institute of Ethnic Studies, Ljubljana, Slovenia - To aid collaborative research on 'The Codification of Trauma in Humanitarian Law' London, U. of