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2005 Annual Report


Post-Ph.D. Research Grant

Primary Contact/Grantee Project Title Institutional Affiliation
Joshi, Dr. Vibha, U. of Oxford, Oxford, UK - To aid research on 'Naga Textiles as Diasporic Objects in the Field and in Museums During and Since Colonialism' Oxford U.
Alconini, Sonia Alconini, Dr. Sonia, U. of Texas, San Antonio, TX - To aid research on 'Imperial Marginality and Frontier: Kallawayas and Chuchos in the Eastern Inka Frontier' Texas, San Antonio, U. of
Benefit, Brenda R. Benefit, Dr. Brenda R., New Mexico State U., Las Cruces, NM - To aid 'Analysis of Old World Monkeys from Late Miocene Deposits at Sahabi, Libya' New Mexico State U.
Billman, Brian Richard Billman, Dr. Brian R., U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC - To aid 'The Cerro Oreja Archaeological Project' North Carolina, Chapel Hill, U. of
Borneman, John W. Borneman, Dr. John W., Princeton U., Princeton, NJ - To aid research on 'The Transformation of Identification and Secular Authority in Aleppo, Syria' Princeton U.
Cahn, Peter S. Cahn, Dr. Peter S., U. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK - To aid research on 'The Great Commission: Direct Selling in Mexico' Oklahoma, U of
Coelho de Souza, Marcela S. Coelho de Souza, Dr. Marcela S., U. Federal of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - To aid research on 'The Properties of Culture: Transformations among the Kisedje (Suya) of Mato Grosso, Brazil' Rio de Janeiro, Federal U. of
Crowell, Aron L. Crowell, Dr. Aron L., Arctic Studies Center, Smithsonian Institution, Anchorage, AK - To aid research on 'Little Ice Age Cultural Adaptation to an Unstable Maritime Environment in the Gulf of Alaska' Smithsonian Inst., Washington, DC
Eerkens, Jelmer W. Eerkens, Dr. Jelmer W., U. of California, Davis, CA - To aid research on 'Exchange of Olivella Shell Beads in Prehistoric California' California, Davis, U. of
Fernandez-Duque, Eduardo Fernandez-Duque, Dr. Eduardo, Zoological Society of San Diego, San Diego, CA - To aid research on 'Divorce and Serial Monogamy in Owl Monkeys of the Argentinean Chaco' San Diego, Zoological Society of
Frechette, Ann I Frechette, Dr. Ann I., Harvard U., Cambridge, MA - To aid research on 'China-U.S. Adoptions: Regulation and Family Relations in an Interconnected World' Harvard U.
Goldstein, Melvyn C. Goldstein, Dr. Melvyn C., Case Western Reserve U., Cleveland, OH - To aid research on 'Nomadic Society in Tibet: A Study of Twenty Years of Change and Adaptation in Pala' Case Western Reserve U.
Grine, Frederick E. Grine, Dr. Frederick E., State U. of New York, Stony Brook, NY - To aid 'Morphological and Morphometric Analysis of the Late Pleistocene Human Skull from Hofmeyr, South Africa' New York, Stony Brook, State U. of
Haile-Selassie, Yohannes Haile-Selassie, Dr. Yohannes, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland, OH - To aid 'Excavation of a 4-Million-Year-Old Partial Hominid Skeleton from the Woranso-Mille, Central Afar, Ethiopia' Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Herlihy, Laura H. Herlihy, Dr. Laura H., U. of Kansas, Lawrence, KS - To aid research on 'Indigenous Feminism on the Nicaraguan Atlantic Coast: Merging Motherhood and Self Determination' Kansas, U. of
Hewamanne, Sandya Hewamanne, Dr. Sandya, American Institute of Sri Lankan Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka - To aid research on ''Wither Free Trade Zone Identities?: How Former Factory Workers Negotiate 'New Lives' in Sri Lankan Villages' American Institute of Sri Lanka
Hollowell, Julia J. Hollowell, Dr. Julia J., Indiana U., Bloomington, IN - To aid 'Intellectual Property Rights and Archaeology: A Survey and Review of Cases and Concerns' Indiana U., Bloomington
Kuzawa, Christopher Kuzawa, Dr. Christopher, Northwestern U., Evanston, IL - To aid research on 'Developmental Plasticity of Male Reproductive Ecology and Life History' Northwestern U.
Lepowsky, Maria A. Lepowsky, Dr. Maria A., U. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI - To aid research on 'Revitalization Movements, Sacred Places, and Cultural Memory in Southern California' Wisconsin, Madison, U. of
Lyons, Barry J. Lyons, Dr. Barry J., Wayne State U., Detroit, MI - To aid research on 'Race and Identity among Nonindigenous Schoolteachers in the Wake of Indigenous Resurgence in Contemporary Ecuador' Wayne State U.
Martinovic Klaric, Irena Martinovic Klaric, Dr. Irena, Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb, Croatia - To aid research on 'Population Structure and Genetic History of Western Balkan Roma' Institute for Anthropological Research
Menzel, Charles R. Menzel, Dr. Charles R., Georgia State U., Atlanta, GA - To aid research on 'Studies of Chimpanzee Spatial Cognition and Foraging' Georgia State U.
Mosko, Mark S. Mosko, Dr. Mark S., Australian National U., Canberra, Australia - To aid research on 'Hierarchy, Agency, and Personal Partibility in Pacific Chiefdoms and History' Australian National U.
Negash, Agazi Negash, Dr. Agazi, Max Planck Institute, Leipzig, Germany - To aid research on 'Early Long Distance Raw Material Transport of Obsidian in Ethiopian Prehistory' Max Planck Inst.
Norton, Christopher J. Norton, Dr. Christopher J., Rutgers U., New Brunswick, NJ - To aid research on 'Taphonomic and Chronometric Perspectives on the East Asian Early to Late Paleolithic Transition' Rutgers U.
Pagliai, Valentina Pagliai, Dr. Valentina, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH - To aid research on 'The Interactional Construction of Racial Identities and Racism in Italy' Oberlin College
Plavcan, Joseph Michael Plavcan, Dr. Joseph M., U. of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR - To aid 'Comparative Analysis of Canine Tooth Crown and Root Size in Primates' Arkansas, U. of
Price, Sally Price, Dr. Sally, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA - To aid research on 'Art and the Civilizing Mission: Cultural Politics in Paris and Overseas France' William and Mary, College of
Ranere, Anthony J. Ranere, Dr. Anthony J., Temple U., Philadelphia, PA - To aid research on 'Investigations into Maize Domestication and Agricultural Origins in the Balsas Valley, Mexico' Temple U.
Robertson, Leslie Anne Robertson, Dr. Leslie A., U. of Windsor, ON, Canada - To aid research on 'Standing Up for Ga'axtalas' Communal Memory and Colonial History in Alert Bay' Windsor, U. of
Salomon, Frank Salomon, Dr. Frank, U. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI - To aid research on 'The Patrimonial Khipus of Rapaz, Peru' Wisconsin, Madison, U. of
Sandoval-Garcia, Carlos Sandoval-Garcia, Dr. Carlos, U. of Costa Rica, San Jose, Costa Rica - To aid research on ' Racialization, Urban Segregation and Subject Formation in La Carpio, Costa Rica' Costa Rica, U. of
Semple, Stuart Semple, Dr. Stuart, Roehampton U., London, United Kingdom - To aid research on 'Mother-Offspring Conflict and Communication in Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta)' Roehampton U.
Stanton, Travis W. Stanton, Dr. Travis W., Universidad de las Americas, Cholula, Mexico - To aid 'Ceramic Ethnoanalysis in Yucatan' Americas-Puebla, U. of the
Szmidt, Carolyn C. Szmidt, Dr. Carolyn C., U. of Toronto, Toronto, Canada - To aid research on 'Dating the Middle-Upper Palaeolithic Transition in Southern France: Pyrenean, Mediterranean and Southwestern Regions' Toronto, U. of
Taylor, John P. Taylor, Dr. John P., The Australian National U., Canberra, Australia - To aid research on 'Masculinities in Northern Vanuatu: Gender, Generation and Social Transformation' Australian National U.
Thompson, Niobe S. Thompson, Dr. Niobe S., U. of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom - To aid research on 'The Nativeness of Settlers: Constructing Belonging and Contesting Indigeneity in Northeast Siberia' Cambridge, U. of
Trinkaus, Erik Trinkaus, Dr. Erik, Washington U., St. Louis, MO - To aid research on 'Human Paleontology and Radiocarbon Chronology of the Pestera Muierii, Romania' Washington U., St. Louis
Venkatesan, Soumhya Venkatesan, Dr. Soumhya, U. of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom - To aid research on 'Makers of Gods: Materials, Processes and Rituals in Tamil Hindu Life' Manchester, U. of
West, Paige West, Dr. Paige C., Barnard College, New York, NY- To aid research on 'From Modern Production to Imagined Primitive: Tracing the Commodity Ecumene for Papua New Guinean Coffee' Barnard College