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2007 Annual Report


Conference & Workshop Grant

Primary Contact/Grantee Project Title Institutional Affiliation
Anderson, Atholl J. Anderson, Dr. Atholl J., Australian National U., Canberra, Australia - To aid workshop on 'Global Origins and Development of Prehistoric Seafaring,' 2007, U. of Cambridge, United Kingdom, in collaboration with Dr. Graeme Barker Australian National U.
Bailey, Geoffrey Nigel Bailey, Dr. Geoffrey Nigel, U. of York, York, United Kingdom - To aid workshop on 'Shell Energy: Prehistoric Coastal Resource Strategies,' 2008, Dakar, Senegal, in collaboration with Dr. Abdoulaye Camara York, U. of
Burrell, Jennifer Burrell, Dr. Jennifer L., SUNY, Albany, New York - To aid workshop on 'After the Handshakes: Rethinking Democracy and Living Transition in Central America,' 2008, SUNY, in collaboration with Dr. Ellen Elizabeth Moodie New York, Albany, State U. of
Callan, Hilary Margaret West Callan, Dr. Hilary, Royal Anthropological Institute, London, United Kingdom - To aid 'Combined Conference and RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film,' 2007, Manchester, United Kingdom, in collaboration with Dr. Paul S. Henley Royal Anthropological Institute
Carozzi, Maria Julia Carozzi, Dr. Maria Julia, CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina - To aid 14th conference on Religious Alternatives in Latin America: 'Religions/Cultures,' 2007, Buenos Aires, in collaboration with Dr. Alejandro Frigerio CONICET
Chauhan, Parth Randhir Chauhan, Dr. Parth R., Stone Age Institute & CRAFT Research Center, Gosport, IN - To aid workshop on 'Plio-Pleistocene Environments and Hominin Dispersals, Adaptations, and Evolution in India,' 2008, Bhopal, India, in collaboration with Dr. Rajeev Patnaik Stone Age Institute
Coe, Cathleen Meleney Coe, Dr. Cathleen (Cati) Meleney, Rutgers U., Camden, NJ - To aid workshop on 'Childhood And Migration,' 2008, Union Theological Seminary, New York, in collaboration with Dr. Rachel R. Reynolds Rutgers U.
Crews, Douglas Earl Crews, Dr. Douglas Earl, Ohio State U., Columbus, OH - To aid conference on 'Senescent Biology, Age Related Disease and the Evolutionary Biodemography of Human Longevity,' 2009, Croatia Ohio State U.
Enfield, Nicholas James Enfield, Dr. Nicholas James, Max Planck Institute, Nijmegen, The Netherlands - To aid workshop on 'Dynamics of Human Diversity in Mainland Southeast Asia,' 2008, Siem Reap, Cambodia, in collaboration with Dr. Joyce Carol White Max Planck Institute
Gibson, Mhairi Alexandra Gibson, Dr. Mhairi Alexandra, U. of Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom - To aid workshop on 'Development and Population Change in 21st Century Africa,' 2008, Addis Ababa U., in collaboration with Dr. Eshetu Gurmu Bristol, U. of
Goodale, Mark Ryan Goodale, Dr. Mark R., George Mason U., Arlington, VA - To aid workshop on 'Revolution and New Social Imaginaries in Postneoliberal Latin America,' 2008, CILAS at U. California San Diego, in collaboration with Dr. Nancy Grey Postero George Mason U.
Guyer, Jane I. Guyer, Dr. Jane Isabel, Johns Hopkins U., Baltimore, MD - To aid workshop on 'Number as Inventive Frontier: Equivalence, Accounting, Calculation,' 2008, Johns Hopkins U., in collaboration with Dr. Naveeda Khan Johns Hopkins U.
Habeck, Joachim Erich Habeck, Dr. Joachim Erich, Max Planck Institute, Halle, Germany - To aid workshop on 'Gender Shift in Northern Communities of Russia,' 2008, Estonia, in collaboration with Dr. Olga Alekseevna Povoroznyuk Max Planck Inst.
Haber, Alejandro F. Haber, Dr. Alejandro, U. Nacional de Catamarca, Argentina - To aid 4th WAC inter-congress on 'Archaeological Theory in South America,' 2007, Catamarca, in collaboration with Dr. Cristobal Gnecco Catamarca, National U. of
Haines, David W. Haines, Dr. David W., George Mason U., Fairfax, VA - To aid workshop on 'Wind Over Water: An Anthropology of Migration in an East Asian Setting,' 2008, U. of California-Berkeley George Mason U.
Igoe, James J. Igoe, Dr. James Joseph, U. of Colorado, Denver, CO - To aid workshop on 'Problematizing Neoliberal Biodiversity Conservation: Displaced and Disobedient Knowledge,' 2008, in collaboration with Dr. Sian Sullivan Colorado, Denver, U. of
Jansen, Stefaan Jansen, Dr. Stefaan, U. of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom - To aid workshop on 'Towards an Anthropology of Hope? Comparative Post-Yugoslav Ethnographies,' 2007, Manchester, in collaboration with Dr. Elissa L. Helms Manchester, U. of
Kantner, John Wood Kantner, Dr. John Wood, School for Advanced Research, Santa Fe, NM - To aid workshop on 'Images Without Borders,' 2008, Santa Fe (SAR), in collaboration with Dr. Mary M. Steedly School of Advanced Research, NM
Kreinath, Jens Michael Kreinath, Dr. Jens Michael, Wichita State U., Wichita, KS - To aid workshop on 'Ritual and Reflection: Tropes in Transformation and Transgression,' 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia, in collaboration with Refika Sarionder Kreinath Wichita State U.
Luong, Hy Van Luong, Dr. Hy Van, U. of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - To aid workshop on 'Anthropology in Vietnam,' 2007, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Toronto, U. of
Maclarnon, Ann Mary MacLarnon, Dr. Ann Mary, Roehampton U., London, United Kingdom - To aid 22nd congress of the International Primatological Society, 2008, Edinburgh, in collaboration with Dr. Paul Edward Honess Roehampton U.
Marsic, Drazen Marsic, Dr. Drazen, Archaeological Museum, Zadar, Croatia - To aid 13th annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA), 2007, Zadar, in collaboration with Dr. Anthony Filmer Harding Archaeological Museum in Zadar
Prato, Giuliana Beatrice Prato, Dr. Giuliana Beatrice, U. of Kent, Canterbury, United Kingdom - To aid IUAES inter-congress on 'Urban Identity, Power, and Space: The Case of the Trans-European Corridors,' 2007, Tirana, Albania, in collaboration with Dr. Italo Pardo Kent, U. of
Rolandi, Diana Susana Rolandi, Dr. Diana Susana, Instituto Nacional de Antropologia, Buenos Aires, Argentina - To aid ISFNR interim conference on Folk Narrative Studies, 2007, Santa Rosa, Argentina, in collaboration with Ana Maria Dupey Inst. Nacional de Anthropologia y Pensamient LatinoAmericano
Schieffelin, Bambi B. Schieffelin, Dr. Bambi Bernhard, New York U., New York - To aid workshop on 'Analyzing Change: Cultural and Linguistic Models,' 2008, New York U., in collaboration with Dr. Joel Robbins New York U.
Sealy, Judith Clare Sealy, Dr. Judith Clare, U. of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa - To aid conference of Association of Southern African Professional Archaeologists (ASAPA), 2008, U. Cape Town Cape Town, U. of
Sellen, Daniel W. Sellen, Dr. Daniel William, U. of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - To aid workshop on 'Cross-Cultural Comparisons in Early Postnatal Care Practices,' 2007, Mbulu District, Tanzania, in collaboration with Dr. Crystal Lauren Patil Toronto, U. of
Slyomovics, Susan E. Slyomovics, Dr. Susan E., U. of California, Los Angeles, CA - To aid workshop on 'Clifford Geertz in Morocco: Islam Re-Observed,' 2007, Los Angeles, in collaboration with Dr. Lahouari Addi California State U., Los Angeles
Smith, Claire Edwina Smith, Dr. Claire Edwina, Flinders U., Adelaide, Australia - To aid Sixth World Archaeological Congress (WAC-6), 2008, U. College Dublin, in collaboration with Dr. Larry Zimmerman Adelaide, U. of
Sussman, Robert Wald Sussman, Dr. Robert Wald, Washington U., St. Louis, MO - To aid workshop on 'Man The Hunted: The Evolution and Nature of Human Sociality, Cooperation, and Altruism,' 2009, Washington U., in collaboration with Dr. C. Robert Cloninger Washington U., St. Louis
Wang, Mingming Wang, Dr. Mingming, Peking U., Beijing, China - To aid workshop on 'Crossing Borders & Paradigms: Anthropology of Southwest China Reconsidered,' 2007, Dali, China, in collaboration with Dr. Zhengwen Yang Peking U.