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The Wenner-Gren Foundation

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2005 Annual Report

Program Highlights for 2005

International Symposia and Workshops

International Symposia and Workshops in 2005

The Foundation organized two international symposia examining current debates in topics of long-standing interest to anthropology: 1) the cultural and political lives of indigenous people, and 2) how changing career structure and opportunities affect the way we think about fieldwork and research in anthropology. The conference on indigenous experience continued the “Burg Wartenstein” model of a six-day meeting held at remote locations, while the modified format of “Anthropology/ At Work /As Work” launched our new conference facilities in Manhattan, adding a new dimension to the work of the Foundation. Extensive pre-planning and a focus on intense discussion remain central to the various formats used in the International Symposium Program and are key to the success of these meetings.Volumes from both symposia are scheduled for publication from Berg in 2007.

In addition to symposia, the Foundation hosted three workshops in 2005. Koray Caliskan, then a Ph.D. candidate and Wenner-Gren grantee at New York University, organized a one-day workshop on anthropology and global markets open to the public and it attracted a diverse audience of scholars, some from as far away as Sweden. Next, a team of four primatologists and a social anthropologist brought together a mix of researchers and specialists to explore the possibility of establishing an interactive Primate Life-History Databank. And finally, in connection with the 2005 Viking Fund Award, the Foundation collaborated with George Armelagos, recipient of the 2005 Viking Fund medal, to invite a group of fifteen recent grantees along with three senior specialists and Professor Armelagos to a workshop where grantees discussed their research within the context of the future of anthropology and its interdisciplinary possibilities.

In 2005 Berg Publishers released Embedding Ethics as part of its Wenner-Gren International Symposium Series. The volume resulted from a 2002 symposium organized by Lynn Meskell and Peter Pels, who also served as editors.

Photograph: Grantees Conference, 2005. Left to Right. Floor: A. Goodman, T. Tung, B. Thomas. Seated M. Thompson, E. Abrams, L. Havill, L Aiello, George Armelagos, J. DeCaro, A. Dietrich, S. Lyons. Middl: N. Parson, J. Davidson, I. Onjale, P. Smith, H. Shang, A. Swedlund, V. Malkin. Back: M. Muse, J. Snodgrass, M. Dudgeon, L. Larcombe, P. Brown, M. Banks.

For detailed information on the Symposia that took place in 2005 click on the link at the top of the page.