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2007 Annual Report

Grantmaking Statistics 2007

Applications, Approvals, and Success Rates for 2007

Applications, Approvals, and Success Rates for 2007

In reviewing these statistics there are a few points to note.

  1. Since 2006 the Foundation has budgeted for a 15% success rate for the Dissertation Fieldwork Grant and the Post-Ph.D. research grant. Because of the marked increase in the number of applications, particularly in the Dissertation Fieldwork Grant program, this has meant that there has been a corresponding increase in the number of awards made. The Foundation will strive to maintain a 15% success rate, however this depends on the degree of continuing increase in application numbers and the state of the financial markets which determine our annual funding budget.

  2. Over the past three years the success rate for the Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship has declined markedly. This decline reflects the decision of the Foundation to focus funding on anthropological research rather than on the publication of research already undertaken. The increase in applications for this program demonstrates that there is a demand for funding for young scholars to provide time for publication of major pieces of research. Because of the high level of competition for this grant, the Foundation hopes that it will rapidly become recognized as a highly prestigious award for a young scholar in the field.

  3. Success rates by citizenship and domicile for the Dissertation Fieldwork Grant, Post-Ph.D. Research Grant and Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship programs fluctuate annually around our funding benchmarks. This fluctuation is kept under review with the aim to ensure that the success rate for non-US domiciled applicants remains similar to that of US domiciled applicants.

  4. The Conference and Workshop Grant success rates have fluctuated considerably over the years. The reasonably high success rates in the recent past reflect the emphasize that is placed on this program by the current President. However a continuing high success rate will be dependent on the availability of funds and on budgetary allocations between the Foundation’s funding programs.

Dissertation Fieldwork Grants

Post-Ph.D. Research Grants

Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowships

Success Rates by Gender

Success Rates by Citizenship and Domicile

Conference and Workshop Grants