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2006 Annual Report

Program Highlights for 2006

International Symposia and Workshops 2006

International Symposia and Symposia Publications

With a new president comes new direction, and after a full schedule of symposia and workshops the prior year, 2006 was largely devoted to laying down the groundwork for upcoming meetings and plan­ning future activity in the International Symposium Program (ISP).

The ISP office continued to explore ways to better dissemi­nate the findings from Foundation-sponsored meetings to a broader anthro­pological au­dience. In November 2006, Wenner-Gren convened a Presidential Panel at the an­nual meeting of the American An­thropological Association in San Jose, California. The panel discussed topics from “Roots of Human Sociality,” a Wenner-Gren Inter­national Symposium organ­ized by Nick Enfield and Steve Levinson in 2004. Panel partici­pants discussed the position taken by the conference or­ganizers (who propose that cooperation is one of the fundamental build­ing blocks of human sociality) and con­tinued other de­bates from the confer­ence using a four-field approach, highlighting the contri­butions of biological, linguistic, cultural, and archaeological perspectives.

Photo: Leslie Aiello makes her case at the Presidential Panel, "Roots of Human Sociality: A Four-Field Approach," as Stephen Levinson looks on.

In addition to the panel, the Foundation or­ganized a book launch with Berg Publishers to showcase three volumes, from its Wenner-Gren Inter­national Symposium series: Sensible Objects: Colonialism, Museums and Material Culture (edited by Elizabeth Edwards, Chris Gosden, and Ruth B. Phillips); Roots of Human Sociality: Culture, Cognition, and Inter­action (edited by N.J Enfield and Stephen Levinson); and World Anthropolo­gies: Disciplinary Transformations within Systems of Power (edited by Gustavo Lins Ribeiro and Arturo Escobar), which is also being translated into Spanish and Portuguese. Supplies at the book launch quickly sold out and sales con­tinue to be strong, signaling both the interest of the topics raised by the symposia and the success of the Foundation’s efforts to publicize them.

Photo: Karen Strier, Agustin Fuentes, and Nick Enfield browse the latest volumes from the International Symposia Series on display at the AAA.