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2008 Annual Report

Grantmaking Statistics for 2008

Applications, Approvals, and Success Rates for 2008

Applications, Approvals, and Success Rates for 2008

The Foundation has six major grant programs. Dissertation Fieldwork Grants, Post Ph.D. Research Grants, and International Collaborative Research Grants are given to individuals at various stages of career to carry out research projects. The Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowships are awarded to young scholars to provide time for publication of major pieces of research. The Wadsworth Fellowships allow scholars to receive short or long-term training in Anthropology that is not available in their home countries and the Conference and Workshop Grants fund academic meetings in the discipline.

Over the six major grant programs the Foundation received 1419 applications and made 218 awards (see the summary table below). The number of applications represents an increase of 140 applications (11.0%) over the 1270 received in 2007.

Application Numbers

Application numbers have continued to increase. In 2008 we received 1282 applications across the three individual research programs (Dissertation Fieldwork, Post-Ph.D. Research and the Hunt Fellowship). This represents an increase of 133 applications over 2007 (11.6%), which is in addition to the 14.8% increase in the 2007 applications over those received in 2006 (See table below).

There has been some concern recently over the relatively low success rate in 2007 for applicants who are non-US citizens and domiciled outside of the US. However in 2008 the success rate of these applicants was equivalent to the general pool (See Appendix 5 and summary table below). As in past years the highest success rate was for Non-US citizens who are domiciled in the US.

English speakers and the English-speaking environment

The Advisory Council requested that application and approval statistics be broken down according to whether or not the applicants are native English speakers working in an English-speaking environment. The following summary tables show that non-native English speakers (Other) in non-English speaking environments (Non-English Domicile) are at no disadvantage in the Post-Ph.D. Research Grant program or the Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship program. However they do have a lower success rate in the Dissertation Fieldwork Grant program. It is unclear whether this is due to language ability or to other factors such as experience in grant writing or differences in doctoral programs and/or stage of preparation.

Dissertation Fieldwork Grants

Post-Ph.D. Research Grants

Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowships

Conference and Workshop Grants

Success Rates by Gender

Success by Citizenship and Domicile