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  1. Applications must be made by professional anthropologists who hold doctorates in Anthropology or a related discipline. Applicants can be based in any country. Applications from students are not accepted.
  2. The Foundation prefers two organizers for a symposium, ideally from two different countries.
  3. The Foundation discourages applications from junior scholars who are within five years of receiving their doctorates.
  4. Applicants must accept that the symposium is a partnership between them and the Foundation. They must agree to work with the Foundation on the development of the symposium and choice of participants, and adhere to the Wenner-Gren symposium format.
  5. The applicants must be willing to serve as guest editors for the symposium papers, which will appear in an open access supplementary issue of the Foundation’s journal, Current Anthropology. All papers are peer-reviewed and it is the guest editors’ responsibility to insure that they are of appropriate standard for CA publication.
  6. The symposium can be multidisciplinary; however, the primary aim of the meeting must be to address “big” questions in anthropological theory and debate. No special priority is given to proposals that span the four fields of anthropology.
  7. Symposia must advance the Foundation’s goal of fostering an international community of anthropologists by drawing participants from around the world.

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