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Symposia Deadline and Evaluation Procedures

The Wenner-Gren Advisory Council considers proposals for Wenner-Gren Symposia each year at the Foundation’s November board meeting. The next deadline for proposals is October 1, 2021. We select topics approximately 18 months before the date of the symposium.

A proposal is a three-page, single-spaced statement that includes the following:

  1. A paragraph or two describing the theme.  What is the issue that would be addressed in this symposium? How would a symposium on this topic advance the conversation in our discipline and beyond? Why is this a particularly pressing topic to take up now?
  2. A paragraph or two explaining the theme's broader resonances.  How might the theme set the stage for a conversation bridging different disciplines and traditions of scholarship?
  3. Evidence of how the theme can serve as the basis for an inclusive conversation.  Provide a list of possible participants, including scholars from different countries, disciplines, intellectual approaches and, if appropriate, subfields.
  4. The names of three or four individuals who could potentially serve as organizers.  Organizers are responsible for working with Wenner-Gren to develop the theme, the list of participants, and the topics they will address in their papers, and for serving as editors of a supplementary issue of Current Anthropology based upon the symposium.  Include your own name, if this is a role you'd be interested in playing. 

Evaluation criteria:

  • How well does the proposed symposium address one or more of the Foundation's strategic goals?
  • To what degree will the proposed symposium change the conversation within anthropology?
  • To what degree will the proposed symposium bring together scholars who otherwise might not be in conversation?
  • How effective and appropriate are the format and publication plan associated with a Wenner-Gren Symposium, given the proposer's goals?  Is this the right kind of venue for this kind of event?

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