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Renewal of Fellowships for the Second and Third Years

  1. Wadsworth International fellows are eligible to apply for renewals of their fellowship for a second and third year of training or research if required and unless otherwise indicated in the initial fellowship award. Applications are available through the International Programs Administrator ( .
  2. Second and third year training or research renewals are normally only made for a continuous period of study/research. Fellows are not encouraged to interrupt their training for academic or personal reasons.
  3. Renewals are made only if the fellow has satisfactorily completed the preceding training year.
  4. Second and third year training renewal applications must be submitted by July 1 following the completion of the preceding academic year in May/June. Note that if your program of study is based on an academic year that does not end in May/June please contact the International Programs Administrator ( .
  5. To apply for a second or third year renewal, the following items should be submitted:
    • The Wadsworth Fellowship Renewal Application which includes a summary statement of the progress made during the training year, plans for the upcoming training year, and a description of how your research interests have developed
    • In the event that some or all of the fellowship funds will be spent on research expenses, applicants must complete two additional questions on the renewal application. They must describe their research question/hypothesis,  explain how the research addresses important theoretical and methodological issues or debates in anthropology, and discuss the evidence that will be required to address the research objectives
    • Please note that research expenses are limited to a maximum of $20,000 over the three-year duration of the fellowship.
    • Accounting for Wenner-Gren funds already expended (signed by Host Sponsor)
    • A copy of the official transcript (if registered for coursework)
    • A confidential evaluative report from the Host Sponsor. The Host Sponsor must provide an annual evaluative report at the end of each fellowship period. The report should address the fellow's academic performance, progress in language ability (where applicable), and any other matters pertinent to the fellow's training, research and achievements. It should include the Host Sponsor's candid assessment of the fellow's ability to complete the course of training undertaken, as well as a realistic estimate of the time required to complete the doctoral degree. This confidential report should be sent by the Host Sponsor directly to the Foundation by the renewal deadline of July 1
    • Applicants MUST contact the Foundation before changing their Host Sponsor or Host Institution.
  6. The Foundation cannot accept and process an application for the renewal of a fellowship unless both the fellow and Host Sponsor have submitted the required materials. No exceptions can be made.

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