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General Information about the applicant and sponsors

The applicant will be asked to provide the following information about himself or herself, the Home Institution and Sponsor, and the Host Institution and Sponsor

  1. Name of Applicant: Please provide your full legal name: first, middle, and surname.
  2. Applicant's Contact Details and Home Country: Applicants must be from countries where anthropology is underrepresented and where there are limited resources to send students overseas for training [ click here for country list ].
  3. Host Institution: Institution in which the applicant plans to pursue training.
  4. Host Sponsor: Academic faculty or staff member at the institution who will oversee the applicant's training. Please provide the full legal name: first, middle, surname and contact details
  5. Home Institution: Institution with which the applicant is/or has been affiliated in the home country.
  6. Home Sponsor: Member of the affiliated institution in the home country who is familiar with the applicant and the proposed training. Please provide full legal name: first, middle, surname and contact details.

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