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Budget Guidelines

  1. Wadsworth International Fellowships may be used to cover travel, living expenses, tuition, student fees, insurance, books, research expenses, and any other relevant categories of expenditure while studying at the Host Institution.
  2. Aid is not provided for institutional overhead.
  3. The maximum fellowship is US $17,500 for a year of study. Your budget should include only expenses for one year. If you receive a Wadsworth International Fellowship, you will be provided with information on renewing the fellowship for subsequent years. General information on second and third year renewals can be found here.
  4. If funds for research are included in the budget, please note that research expenses are limited to a maximum of $20,000 over the three-year duration of the fellowship. 
  5. List only those budget items and amounts for which Wenner-Gren funding is requested. This budget should be in US dollars. Include dollar amounts for each item and show how expenses were estimated.
  6. Before submitting your fellowship application, please read the information on US tax issues if you are intending to study at a US-based Host Institution or be present in the US during your fellowship period. Click here for more information

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