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Application for the Dissertation Write-Up Fellowship

Applications for the Dissertation Write-Up Fellowship are available through the International Programs administrator ( Applicants must apply by December 15 for a fellowship to be made by the beginning of the following academic year in February. Note that dissertation write-up fellowships are normally made to coincide with the academic year (February - February). Please contact the International Program Administrator if you would like to begin the fellowship at another time of the year. Requirements for the Dissertation Write-Up Fellowship

Requirements for Dissertation Write-Up Fellowship:

  1. The applicant has completed all the necessary field or laboratory work relevant to their dissertation research and is prepared to begin writing their dissertation. The expectation is that the dissertation will be completed and submitted by the end of the fellowship year.
  2. The applicant completed their last Wenner-Gren supported training year no more than two academic years before the scheduled beginning of the dissertation write-up year.
  3. The Foundation funded the applica