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Preliminary Inquiry (this stage in the application process is required)

Applicants who wish to apply for the Institutional Development Grant must first submit a preliminary inquiry. All preliminary inquiries must reach the Foundation by May 15 and MUST be made using the IDG Preliminary Inquiry Form (downloaded here) and submitted via e-mail to  Based on the information provided in the preliminary inquiry, the Foundation will compile a short list of applicants that best meet the eligibility criteria for the program. Short-listed applicants will be invited to submit a formal IDG application. The application deadline is September 15. The information required in the formal application can be found in the application procedures. Preliminary inquiries must be in English. The Preliminary Inquiry Form asks for the following information:

  1. Applicant's name, nationality, institution, and contact details.
  2. A statement describing anthropology in your country and the resources that are available for supporting academic development there. It is important to demonstrate that you are located in a country where anthropology, or any of its major sub-disciplines, is underrepresented and where there are limited resources to support academic development.
  3. A brief description of your department or proposed program including: 1) the nature of the current doctoral program in anthropology; 2) the number of anthropology staff/faculty members; 3) the number of currently enrolled graduate students; and 4) the number of Ph.D.s or equivalent doctoral degrees awarded by your department over the past 5 years. If your institution does not already have an established doctoral program in anthropology, provide a description of your institution and the existing staff/faculty and other resources that are available to support a new doctoral program in anthropology.
  4. A brief statement of intent which outlines your development goals over the five year funding period and how you would use IDG funding to achieve these goals.
  5. A statement outlining your institutional partnership collaboration/s and how the collaboration/s will help your department to achieve its development goals.
  6. A description of the anthropological training currently available in your country and how your development goals will enhance the provision of this anthropological training on a national level.

IDG Preliminary Inquiry Forms must be submitted by e-mail to


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