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General Criteria for Evaluation

  1. The applicant department and/or the proposed doctoral program must be located in a country where anthropology, or any of its major sub-disciplines, is under-represented and where there are limited resources to support academic development.
  2. The Institutional Development Grant can be used for any purpose appropriate to the development goals of the applicant department. The application will be judged according to the degree to which the stated development goals will contribute to the academic enhancement of the department and enable it to provide a world-class level of training for doctoral students in academic anthropology.
  3. The development goals must be realistic and achievable within the five-year time frame and the maximum $125,000 award.
  4. The applicant department must establish partnership arrangements with one or more internationally recognized doctoral programs in anthropology. The partnership collaboration will be evaluated in terms of is potential contribution to the applicant's goals. Please state clearly:
    • The specific role(s) the partner(s) will play in the department's development: and
    • The mechanisms that will be implemented to ensure that the partner(s) will be able to effectively provide support to the department.
  5. The applicant department must have a well-defined and realistic strategy for maintaining the viability of the department and of the doctoral program after the Institutional Development Grant period.

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