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Requirements and Conditions of the Institutional Development Grant


If an Institutional Development Grant is awarded for the purpose stated in your application, you will be subject to the following requirements and conditions. The following statement will be required to be signed as a legally binding agreement by you as principal coordinator of the grant and by an appropriate senior member of your university who will have responsibility for the administration and accounting of the funds. Please read it carefully.    

1. SCOPE OF THE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Grant funds may be spent only on items included in the approved budget. The institutional development project may not be significantly modified in its goals, location, methodology, personnel, budget allocation, start date, duration or schedule without prior approval from the Foundation 

2. RETURN OF FUNDS: Funds used for purposes not approved by the Foundation or not spent at the end of the grant period must be returned to the Foundation. If any item of equipment is purchased with grant funds it must be the property of the grantee department and not of any individual involved with the Institutional Development Grant. 

3. REPORTING REQUIREMENTS DURING THE TERM OF THE GRANT: The following items are to be submitted each year of the Institutional Development Grant. Please note that if these requirements are not fulfilled, the grantee department and any members of that department will become ineligible for further support from the Wenner-Gren Foundation:

    ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT: Progress reports are required on or before December 31  of each year and are to be submitted by you as the Principal Coordinator of the grant as part of the renewal application for the subsequent calendar year. The report should address the accomplishments to date and how the annual development goals as outlined in the original IDG application are being met. It should discuss the reasons why any of the specified goals might not have been achieved. It should also address and justify the goals for the coming year of funding, whether these goals are expected to be identical (or different) to those originally proposed, and how they will be achieved. The report should also include a financial accounting for the current year, and a budget for the subsequent year of funding.

    ANNUAL FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING: The Annual Financial Accounting for the US dollar amount expended for each calendar year of the Institutional Development Grant must be submitted to the Foundation by December 31.  If any portion of the funds is not yet expended at the time of submission, they may be carried over to the following calendar year upon approval from the Foundation. This accounting must be signed by you as the Principal Coordinator of the grant and by an appropriate senior member of your university who will have responsibility for the administration and accounting of the funds. Supporting records such as receipts and vouchers should not be sent to the Foundation, but should be retained by the institution. 

    Once the Annual Progress Report and the Annual Financial Accounting have been approved by the Foundation, the IDG will be renewed for the subsequent year of funding.

    4. FINAL REPORTING REQUIREMENT: Upon conclusion of the final year of the Institutional Development Grant, you as the Principal Coordinator of the award must submit, in addition to the financial accounting for the final year of the grant, a final report outlining the accomplishments during the award period as well as your strategy for continued maintenance and viability of the doctoral program. This report must be received by the Foundation within six months of completion of the award. The Wenner-Gren Foundation also requests acknowledgment of Foundation support in all publications or publicity resulting in whole or in part from this grant. 

    5. PERMISSION:   To the extent that the grantee provides to the Foundation any photograph, film or other materials created in connection with the project, the Foundation may use these materials for any purpose related to the Foundation’s activities, including posting such materials on its website.  The Foundation may use the grantee’s name, description of the research project, name/s of organization/s with which he/she is associated, and any photograph of him/her for any purpose relating to the Foundation’s activities. 

    6. SITE VISITS AND FOUNDATION SPONSORED NETWORKING EVENTS. The Foundation may wish to carry out site visits during the course of the five-year funding period to evaluate the degree to which the development goals are being achieved. Representatives from the grantee department will also be expected to participate in periodic Foundation-sponsored and separately financed networking activities with successful departments from other years to share ideas and experience. 

    7. WENNER-GREN GRANTS are made in accordance with all laws applicable in the United States of America, including but not limited to the provisions of the USA Patriot Act. Grant funds may not be used by any grantee for any purposes that would be in violation of regulations governed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Controls. The grantee confirms compliance with any applicable U.S. sanctions regulations including regulations pertaining to the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN List). For further information on the regulations, please consult the U.S. Department of Treasury website at:



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