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Institutional Development Grant Questions

  1. Describe anthropology in your country as well as at your institution.

    Provide details about the history of anthropology in your country and at your institution.  Describe your department (e.g. number of doctoral students, the number of doctoral degrees awarded in anthropology in the last five years, the number of full-time anthropology staff/faculty, the scope of anthropology taught, etc.). Describe the resources currently available to anthropology at your institution (e.g. library, computer, laboratory and other relevant facilities) as well as sources of funding in your country to support anthropology. It is important to establish the fact that your department is located in a country where anthropology, or any of its major sub-disciplines, is underrepresented and where there are limited resources to support academic development. [one and a half pages]

  2. Describe the history of your institution and its funding structure.

    Provide the history of your institution and its relationship to other universities and educational institutions in your country. Please detail the funding available to: your institution (e.g. private or public); students in your institution; and doctoral studies generally.[one half page]

  3. Describe the major development goals for your program. What changes would you like to see in your department/institution at the end of the five-year funding period?

    Provide detailed information about your development goals for each year of the five-year period and how you will use the IDG to achieve these goals. You should clearly outline what you expect to accomplish by the end of each year, and how these goals will build on the achievements of preceding years. Please note that these annual goals should be realistic. [three pages]

  4. How will you measure or evaluate the progress toward achieving your development goals?

    For each year, list the criteria by which you will measure the progress you've made toward achieving these goals. Funding for subsequent years of the program will be contingent on successfully achieving the development goals of the preceding year. [one page]

  5. How will your partnership and collaboration with another institution (or institutions) help you to achieve your developmental goals?

    Partnership collaborations may be of a variety of types. They may be based on new or existing research collaborations between individuals at the partnership institutions or they may involve more formal partnership relationships between two institutions. Describe the mechanisms that will be implemented to ensure that these partnerships can effectively provide formal or informal support and/or academic exchange. Describe your collaboration/s, how it/they came into being, and how it/they will help you to achieve your development goals [one page]

  6. What is your strategy for maintaining viability of the department and the doctoral program after completing the Institutional Development Grant period?

    IDG funding is not renewable beyond the fifth year of the grant period. It is important to be specific about how the viability of the department, the doctoral program, and any other initiatives outlined in your application would be maintained after the grant period ends. [one page]

  7. In what ways would an Institutional Development Grant strengthen the development of anthropology as an academic discipline at your institution and in your home country? [one page]

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