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The Institutional Development Grant may be used for any purpose to achieve the development goals of the applicant department. You are asked to provide a budget for each year of the five-year funding period covered by the award. For each year, show how the $25,000 annual grant would be divided between your funding categories. These categories may include, but are not limited to, things such as:

  • staff/faculty or student training activities
  • networking activities
  • student fellowships
  • staff/faculty or student exchange with partnership institutions
  • the acquisition of equipment, library materials and other resources
  • curriculum development

University or institutional overheads and ongoing staff salaries or other running costs are not eligible for funding. The grant need not be used for the same purposes during each year of the funding period. However, please note that your budget must be consistent with both your general development goals and your annual development goals as outlined in your answers to the Institutional Development Description Questions. One criterion for assessing your application will be the degree to which the allocation of resources will help in achieving your stated development goals.

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