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Application Procedures

The Wenner-Gren Foundation normally awards one Institutional Development Grant each year. The Foundation advises applicants to follow closely all the procedures for completing the application. The Foundation will be available to offer advice to departments submitting the full application. Once you have submitted your preliminary inquiry and it has been judged to be eligible by the Foundation you will receive an e-mail with information on how to access the full application form. Please note that a printed copy of the full application must be physically mailed to the Foundation. It must be postmarked by the deadline of September 15 and received at the Foundation offices no later than October 1. We advise applicants to use a courier service or registered mail to guarantee that the application arrives in time. If the deadline falls on a weekend or on a national holiday, the application must be postmarked on the next business day. Applications must be in English. The Institutional Development Grant application asks for the following categories of information:

  1. General information about the primary applicant, the applicant department and university, and the partnership institution/s.
  2. An abstract of your proposed development goals. (If your application is successful, this abstract will appear on the Foundation's website. Please make sure your abstract is written in a style that is clearly understandable to a non-specialist.)
  3. The answers to seven institutional development questions. Applicants are advised to read the questions and instructions carefully as they develop their answers.
  4. A budget.
  5. A five-page curriculum vitae for the primary applicant AND for the partnership coordinator/s.
  6. A list of up to ten anthropologists and other relevant staff/faculty in the department and elsewhere in your home country who will be involved in the development project describing what their involvement will be. For each individual listed, you must provide a one-page curriculum vitae giving details of their relevant academic training and experience, including experience in training graduate students, and the five most recent publications that illustrate the individual's research interests.
  7. A Letter of Intent from the partnership coordinator at each of the proposed partnership institution/s. The partnership coordinator is expected to be the Head of Department or other appropriate senior member of the partnering anthropology department.

Do not send any other material, such as letters of recommendation, computer disks, manuscripts, publications, photographs, or recordings to the Foundation in support of your application. This material will not be used in the review process and cannot be returned.

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