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General Information about the applicant and project

You will be asked to provide the following general information about yourself and your fellowship proposal:

  1. Name of applicant: Give full legal name: first, middle, and surname.
  2. Project Information:
    • Title of Project (15 words or less)
    • Three keywords or phrases that best categorize your research.
    • The choice of a discipline and region/topic that is selected from a predetermined list.
    • Beginning date and duration of writing time for which support is requested: Enter the expected beginning date, end date, and expected duration of the fellowship period. The beginning date of the fellowship must be after January 1 of the following year. The total fellowship period cannot exceed nine consecutive months. The amount of the award is pro-rated according to the duration of the writing period. The maximum award is $40,000 for a nine-month project.
    • Location where your writing will take place.
    • Does your project include any additional research? If yes, please indicate the amount of time to be devoted to research activities and whether any funding is requested for research purposes.
    • Other sources of aid received or requested for the period of writing covered in this application: Include any support received or other funding being applied for that relates to this fellowship application. Such support might include grants from other agencies and/or compensation from sabbatical or other academic leave.

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