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Project Description Questions

Question 1: Describe the research that forms the basis of this application and the conclusions that you have drawn. (Note: if you are including a short period of additional research in your fellowship application, explain why this work is essential given your publication plans.) [Maximum: 1500 words]

When answering this question, applicants should clearly describe their specific research questions and preliminary conclusions. They must make clear how their findings further anthropological debates and add to the existing literature. Applicants are advised to make sure that their theoretical claims are supported by appropriate evidence from their research. The Foundation looks carefully for proposals that acknowledge and discuss an applicant's research in the context of the large body of work done by international scholars.

If a period for additional research is included in the proposal, the objective and significance of this component should be included in the answer to Question 1. Applicants should be explicit about how this research relates to the completed research and its importance. Applicants should remember that the underlying objective of the award is to support writing for publication.

Question 2. Describe your research process (the research design you used to gather your evidence). How have you used this evidence to support the conclusions that you have drawn? [Maximum: 500 words]

Applicants should provide a brief review of the actual research conducted, focusing on the kind of evidence collected, the analysis used, and the reasons underlying the choice of the specific methodology, or methodologies, employed.

Question 3: Outline the publication/s that will result from the fellowship. [Maximum: 500 words]

Applicants should state their publication plans. Provide an annotated outline of the book's chapters or a description of the articles and the subjects that these articles will address. Please be specific about the content of your book/articles and the journals or publishers you will approach. Indicate if a book contract is already in hand or if publishers or journal editors have already shown interest in your work.

In addition, applicants should describe what needs to be done during the fellowship period to bring the project to a successful completion (e.g. editing/augmenting current drafts of chapter/s or articles, initiating all or part of the project from scratch, etc.).

Question 4: The goal of the Wenner-Gren Foundation is to support original and innovative research in anthropology. What contribution does your project make to anthropological theory and to the discipline? [Maximum: 250 words]

The Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship is very competitive. While many applications are examples of excellent research and interesting case studies, applicants must also be clear as to the uniqueness of the work and/or why it is an important contribution to the discipline of anthropology.

The Wenner-Gren Foundation defines anthropology in its broadest terms as a discipline that advances significant and innovative research about humanity's cultural and biological origins, development, and variation.

A successful application is one that emphasizes the contribution of the proposed research not only to the specific area of research being addressed but also to the broader field of anthropology. Applicants should be explicit about the potential contribution of their research to anthropological theory and debate in the broadest possible sense. What relevance and/or impact would your publication/s have for the field?

Applicants should note that the answer to this question must build on the arguments presented earlier in the proposal and clearly demonstrate how the writing project will contribute to the relevancies claimed in the answer to this question.

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