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  1. As with all Wenner-Gren awards, the main criteria of evaluation is the quality of the research underlying the film project and its potential contribution to anthropological knowledge, theory, and debate. Additionally, demonstrated ability in ethnographic documentary is essential for the Fejos award; for that reason the submission of sample audio-visual work by the applicant is a key element of the application.
  2. There is no preference for particular geographic areas or topics.
  3. Applications for the Fejos Postdoctoral Fellowship will also be judged on the following criteria:
    • The degree to which the proposed film reflects and communicates the results of the research upon which it is based.
    • Innovative aspects of the film project. For example, this might include collaborative work with film subjects/communities, formal innovation in shooting or editing, new forms of distribution to communities affected by the issues raised in the research or to broader publics, creative consideration of archiving film materials, shared copyright, and other forms of “shared anthropology.”
    • Integration of film/video with other media forms and/or written publication.
    • The quality of the film sample submitted by the applicant.
  4. The film project must be based on solid anthropological research carried out by the applicant. It is important to demonstrate the following:
    • How the film reflects the underlying research that forms the basis of the project.
    • That