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Final Reports

Upon conclusion of your fellowship period, the following reports must be submitted. It is not necessary to have completed the entire film project. Reports should be e-mailed as attachments to Programs Assistant, Mark Ropelewski (mropelewski[at] The grantee will be notified when the grant is complete. If a notification of completion is not received, the grantee should contact the Foundation to check on the status. Please be sure to update all contact information (mailing address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address, etc.) when the final reports are sent. Please note: all reports must be submitted in file formats compatible with Microsoft Word or Excel 2010. Reports should be prepared using an 11-point font and one-inch margins. If you have any questions regarding these reports, please contact the Foundation.

  1. FINAL REPORT The final report should be a maximum of 1500 words, or three pages, and should summarize the work carried out during the fellowship period, the nature of the film/s and any integrated media. This should be written in the first person and in a format than can be used as a blog post on the Wenner-Gren Foundation web site.
    • If the film has not yet been completed, the Fellow should include a time table for completion and provide the Foundation with the information in ‘b’ when it is available.
    • If the film has been completed, the applicant should: 1) confirm arrangements for disseminating the film, 2) provide web links to any integrated new media, references to the work, etc., and 3) provide a short film ‘leader’ for streaming on the Foundations web site with the blog description of the project and the project abstract.
  2. ABSTRACT The abstract or summary of the final report will be posted in the ‘Grantees’ section of the Foundation's website. It should be no longer than 200 words and be written in a style that is clearly understandable to a non-specialist. The abstract should not be written in the first person; it should summarize the content of the project undertaken under the fellowship and provide access details for the film and any integrated media if the film has already been produced.

These reports must be submitted to the Foundation upon completion of the fellowship period supported by Wenner-Gren. If sufficient cause for delay is not demonstrated, the fellowship will be designated “Closed-Incomplete”, and the Fellow will become ineligible for further support from the Wenner-Gren Foundation.

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