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General Information

You will be asked to provide the following general information about yourself and your fellowship proposal:

  1. Name of applicant: Give full legal name: first, middle, and surname.
  2. Project Information:
    • Title of the film or film project (15 words or less)
    • Three keywords or phrases that best categorize the film and the research upon which it is based.
    • The choice of a discipline and region/topic that is selected from a predetermined list.
    • Beginning date and duration of film project for which support is requested: Enter the expected beginning date, end date, and expected duration of the fellowship period. The beginning date of the fellowship must be after January 1 of the year following the May 1 application deadline. The total fellowship period cannot exceed twelve consecutive months. The amount of the award is pro-rated according to the duration of the writing period. The maximum award is $40,000 for a twelve-month project.
    • Location where the film project will take place. If primarily for post-production, clarify if you have access to studios.
    • Does your project include any additional research or filming time? If yes, please indicate the amount of time to be devoted to these activities.
    • Other sources of aid received or requested for the period of this film project. Include any support received or other funding being applied for that relates to this fellowship application. Such support might include grants from other agencies and/or compensation from sabbatical or other academic leave.

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