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  1. Applicants must have doctorates in anthropology or a related field or currently be enrolled for a doctoral degree in anthropology or a related field.
  2. Applicants enrolled in doctoral programs must apply jointly with an academic mentor.  The academic mentor should be the dissertation supervisor or other scholar willing to provide scholarly supervision. 
  3. All applicants must submit evidence of commitment from the community, such as a letter of support from community leaders, minutes from a community meeting, a research permit, and/or other appropriate indications of support.  This evidence must take a form consistent with community processes, policies, and protocols.   It should include detailed information on what the stakeholders have agreed to do in support of the project. 
  4. Qualified postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students are eligible without regard to nationality or institutional or departmental affiliation.
  5. Applicants may not apply for the Dissertation Fieldwork Grant or Post-PhD Research Grant and the Engaged Research Grant during the same year.
  6. Special note for doctoral students: The Foundation will not release grant funds to an applicant who has not successfully completed all requirements for the doctoral degree other than the dissertation/thesis.  Students may apply before completing these requirements.  However, they must have firm plans to fulfill them before the start date listed on the application form.
  7. The Foundation accepts resubmissions of Engaged Research Grant applications that were unsuccessful in prior funding cycles. Applicants wishing to apply again must include a resubmission statement that addresses the reviewers’ comments and explains how their application has changed.
  8. If an Engaged Research Grant is awarded, the applicant and academic mentors must agree to comply with the Requirements and Conditions of the Engaged Research Grant.