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  1. Applicants must have been funded previously through a Dissertation Fieldwork or Post-Ph.D. Research Grant and the proposed engagement activities must be a direct outgrowth of this Wenner-Gren funded research.
  2. Applicants must have completed their Dissertation Fieldwork or Post-Ph.D. Research Grant and fulfilled the final reporting requirements before applying for the Engaged Anthropology Grant.
  3. Applicants must apply within six years of the original approve date of their   Dissertation Fieldwork or Post-Ph.D. Research Grant. If you do not know your official approve date, it can be accessed by looking up your name on the Grantees Section of the Wenner Gren website (click here for the Grantees section of the website)
  4. Applications are accepted from Dissertation Fieldwork grantees who are close to completing their doctorate or equivalent degree; however, the Engaged Anthropology Grant cannot be awarded until the degree is completed. Note that the Foundation requires the degree to have been completed before the start date of the engagement activity listed on the application form.
  5. Applicants may apply multiple times for the same or different engagement projects within the stipulated six-year period, however:
    • Only one application for an Engaged Anthropology Grant  will be accepted from an applicant per  funding season,
    • Applicants for  the Engaged Anthropology Grant cannot apply to any other Wenner-Gren funding program during the same funding season, or have an active grant with the Foundation at the time they submit their  application ( the Conference and Workshop Grant program is the only exception to this rule).
    • If an applicant is awarded an Engaged Anthropology Grant, he/she will not be eligible to apply for a different engagement project tied to the same Dissertation Fieldwork or Post-Ph.D. Research Grant.
  6. If an Engaged Anthropology Grant is approved, the applicant must agree to comply with the Requirements and Conditions of the Engaged Anthropology Grant.
  7. Individuals cannot apply for the EAG if they have a pending application for another Wenner-Gren program.

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