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Requirements and Conditions of the Wadsworth International Fellowship

If a Wadsworth International Fellowship is awarded to you, you will be subject to the following requirements and conditions and asked to sign this statement as a legally binding agreement. Please read it carefully.

1. Scope of Fellowship:  Fellowship funds may only be spent on items included in the approved budget.  The Fellow may not substantially modify his/her course of study supported by the fellowship, including changes to the Host Sponsor or Host Institution, without prior approval from the Foundation.  Fellowship funds cannot be used for institutional overhead.

2.  Return of funds:  Fellowship funds must be returned to the Foundation if:

  1. used for purposes not approved by the Foundation;
  2. any remain unexpended at the termination of the fellowship;
  3. unused because fellowship was not completed;
  4. overlapping funding was received from another agency;
  5. the fellowship does not commence within a reasonable time after acceptance of the funds.

3.   Reporting Requir