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Requirements and Conditions of the Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship

If a Hunt Postdoctoral Fellowship is awarded to you for the purpose stated in your application, you will be subject to the following requirements and conditions and asked to sign this statement as a legally binding agreement. Please read it carefully.

  1. Scope of Project: Fellowships must be used for a period of continuous full-time writing for the project approved in the application for funding.  A small portion of the fellowship may be allocated to research activities primarily to update data.  Any research component must not significantly alter the shape of the project described in the approved application.  All necessary leave or sabbatical must be arranged before the fellowship begins.  It is expected that this work will result in a publication within a year of the fellowship’s completion.
  2. Return of Funds: Grant funds used for purposes other than the writing project contained in the approved application, or not spent at the end of the grant period, must be returned to the Foundation.  If the Fellow does not maintain a full-time writing schedule for the duration of