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Requirements and Conditions of Conference and Workshop Grants

If a Conference or Workshop Grant is awarded to you, you will be subject to the following requirements and conditions and asked to sign this statement as a legally binding agreement. Please read it carefully.

1. Scope of Grant:  Funds may not be expended for purposes other than those for which the award was made, as stated in the application.  The organizer may not substantially modify the theme, organization, time and duration of the meeting or participants supported by the award without securing prior permission from the Foundation.

2. Return of Funds:  Any funds that are used for purposes other than those approved by the Foundation or that remain unexpended at the termination of the conference or workshop must be returned to the Foundation.  The total amount of the award must be returned if the meeting is not held within a reasonable time after acceptance of the funds.

3. Reporting Requirements:

      a.    After the conference or workshop, the organizer must submit a brief report (one or two pages) describing the goals, proceedings, and resu