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Proposed list of participants

  1. Please note that for both conferences and workshops the Foundation prioritizes those applications with the broadest international representation of scholars. We are interested in supporting meetings that include individuals who will bring new and innovative insights to bear on topical anthropological issues and debates. Applications that include individuals who represent only one side of a debated issue or who frequently come together to discuss a particular topic are not prioritized for funding.
  2. Multidisciplinary meetings are encouraged by the Foundation; however, the invited and/or funded participants should normally include a majority of professional anthropologists.
  3. Conference applications: List the individuals who will be funded by the Wenner-Gren grant. If this is not possible at this stage, please describe how you will distribute the funds to ensure that the maximum number of international scholars can attend the conference. Please note that the Foundation gives priority to funding the attendance of scholars who would not normally be able to attend such meetings because of lack of resources. Note the budgetary guidelines and particularly the requirement that the majority of funds be used to fund the attendance of international scholars at the conference.
  4. Workshop applications: List all the individuals who have been invited to participate. Give their name, their academic (or other) affiliation, and their scholarly field. Also provide a short description of their scholarly contribution to the meeting (no more than a sentence or two). Referees for workshop applications pay particular attention to the list of participants and the rationale for the invitation in the context of the stated goals of the workshop.

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