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Project Description Questions

You must provide the answers to three questions about your proposed conference or workshop. Applicants are advised to read the questions and instructions carefully as they develop their answers.

Question 1: What is the rationale for the conference or workshop, and what are your aims and objectives in holding the event? Address the current status of research on the topic and theme, the particular need for a conference or workshop at this time and with these participants, and the potential contribution of the event to anthropology. [approximately one page]

It is important to make the strongest possible case for holding the proposed conference or workshop at this particular time.

  • Conference applications: Specify your purpose in holding the conference. For example, is it primarily intended to bring together scholars who would not normally have the opportunity to meet? Is it an annual or periodic conference designed primarily to provide a forum to discuss new research on relevant topics? Is it a conference to explore new research on specific and well-defined topical issues? Please justify your aims and objectives for holding the conference as appropriate. It is important to make a convincing case for the potential contribution of the conference to the field of anthropology.
  • Workshop applications: Justify your aims and objectives for the workshop in the context of current research in the relevant area. It is important to demonstrate that you are up to date with the current literature and debates relating to the workshop topic, have invited the appropriate scholars to address the issue/s, and are not duplicating recently held meetings. Your bibliography for this application should reflect your understanding of the relevant current literature. It is also important to clearly demonstrate how the workshop will advance the relevant areas of theoretical anthropology. The Foundation is interested in funding innovative meetings, and you should emphasize the unique aspects of your proposed workshop.

Question 2: What are the specific topics to be discussed during the conference or workshop? [approximately one page]

Please give detailed descriptions of the topics to be discussed. You should demonstrate that the specific topics will meet the stated goals of the conference or workshop as described in Question 1.

Question 3: How will the event be structured? Describe the length, format, and structure of the conference or workshop. [approximately one page]

  • Conference applications: Be as detailed as possible about the format of the conference. Please differentiate between podium and poster presentations, describe any opportunities for discussion and debate, and detail whether there will be any parallel sessions in the conference. If the primary goal of the conference is to bring scholars together for discussion and debate, it is necessary to demonstrate how this will be achieved in the context of the conference format, etc. Is a publication planned?
  • Workshop applications: Demonstrate that the workshop will be long enough in duration to adequately achieve the stated goals of the event. It is also important to demonstrate that the format of the workshop will achieve the aims and objectives outlined in Question 1. Will papers be prepared and circulated prior to the conference? Is time allotted for discussion? Is a publication planned?

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