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Bibliography on the theme (for workshop applications only)

A bibliography should be prepared specifically for this proposal and should focus on the central issues to be covered in the workshop. It is important to demonstrate that you are aware of the current relevant debates.
The bibliography should be typed or word-processed and formatted as below:

  1. The bibliography should not exceed two pages in length, using single-line spacing and 11-point font or larger, with 1-inch (2.5 cm) left, right, top and bottom margins.
  2. When using in-text citations the authors' name/s should be followed by the date: (Sahlins 1961) or (Aiello and Wheeler 2003) or (Aiello et al. 2002).
  3. Bibliographic references should be complete, be listed in alphabetical order and be presented in one of any of the bibliographic formats found in major anthropological journals (e.g., Current Anthropology or American Anthropologist or American Journal of Physical Anthropology, among others). Whichever format is used, the bibliography should be consistent throughout.
  4. Include the applicant's name on the top of each page and number the pages.

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