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Application Procedures

  1. To ensure a competitive application the Foundation advises applicants to follow closely all the procedures for completing the application.
  2. Applications must be submitted on the most recent official application form. Application forms and guidelines for completing these forms are available three months before each application deadline.
  3. The Foundation operates an online application procedure. All application forms and other required application materials must be submitted online. If it is not possible to submit your application online because of inadequate internet access in your country of origin, you must notify the Foundation at least one week before the deadline to arrange to submit an application by conventional mail (
  4. In addition to the online submission, applicants must send one (1) printed copy of the application form and attachments, PLUS four (4) additional copies of the application form only, to the Foundation offices to complete the filing process. This material must be postmarked by the application deadline (and received by the Foundation no later than two weeks after the deadline) or your application will not be reviewed.
  5. Applications can only be made within 3 months of the application deadline
  6. Applications must be in English.
  7. The Conference and Workshop application asks for the following categories of information, which must be submitted by the application deadline:
    • General information about the applicant, the conference or workshop, the sponsoring organization (if relevant), the amount requested from the Foundation, and any other funding sources
    • A detailed budget
    • The answers to three questions about your proposed event and its international nature. Applicants are advised to read the questions and instructions carefully as they develop their answers
    • Proposed list of participants
    • For workshop applications: a brief bibliography on the theme of the workshop.
    • Curriculum vitae for the applicant (and co-appli