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Questions about Plan of Study and Professional Goals

The application form requires you to answer three questions about your background and your proposed plan of study, your research interests and your professional goals or plans. Applicants are advised to read the questions and instructions carefully as they develop their answers.

Question 1: What is your background and what are your plans for study/training? Describe the ways in which you meet the eligibility criteria for the Wadsworth African Fellowship, your plans for study/training and your reasons for undertaking a doctorate in anthropology? [one page]

It is important to describe your general background as well as your academic background in anthropology and/or in related disciplines. You must also outline your academic and personal reasons for wanting to pursue a higher degree in anthropology. You should provide a strong justification for choosing your Host Institution. This justification should emphasize your training and research goals in the field. It is important to avoid generalities and to provide sufficient detail for the Foundation to understand why you have chosen your particular insti