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Proposed List of Participants

  1. List all the individuals whom you prioritize as potential participants. DO NOT invite these participants to attend. If the symposium proposal is accepted, the final participant list will be determined in consultation with the Foundation and the formal invitation will come from the Foundation.
  2. List a maximum of 17 potential participants and for each individual give their name, their academic (or other) affiliation (including country) and their scholarly field. Also provide a short description of their specific contribution to the symposium and why you have identified them as a participant.
  3. There is space on the application form to list alternative participants if you feel that this is necessary. However, a maximum of 17 participants will be invited to attend.
  4. Please note that the Foundation prioritizes those applications with the broadest international representation of scholars. We are interested in supporting symposia that include individuals who will bring new and innovative insights to bear on topical anthropological issues and debates. Symposia that only include individuals who represent one side of an issue or who frequently come together to discuss the topic are not prioritized.
  5. The participant list should include scholars at all stages of career and reflect an appropriate gender balance.
  6. If a multidisciplinary symposium is proposed, the potential participants should normally include a majority of professional anthropologists.

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