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Question 1: Describe the research that forms the basis of this film project, its academic context and the conclusions that you have drawn. [one page]

When answering this question, applicants should clearly describe the research that underlies the film project, including the specific research questions and conclusions. They must make clear how their findings further anthropological debates and add to the existing academic literature. Applicants are advised to make sure that their theoretical claims are supported by appropriate evidence from their research. Be as detailed as possible in answering this question. The Foundation looks for proposals that acknowledge and discuss an applicant's research in the context of the large body of work done by international scholars. If aspects of this research have been published in the academic literature, please include references here and in the bibliography. We also expect a discussion of the filmic/media work that already exists on this topic or made in the area of the world where you do your research and a clear statement as to how your project builds on this work.


Question 2. Describe in detail the film or films that you plan to make during the Fellowship period. If you plan to integrate your film with other forms of media or traditional scholarly output please also describe this in detail. It is es