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Project Description Questions

Project Description Questions

Question 1: Describe your engagement project and how it will benefit the host community and/or the academic scholars who were involved with, or had a direct interest in, your Wenner-Gren sponsored research.  [approximately one page, single-spaced]

Be as explicit and detailed as possible when describing your project.  Clearly outline your aims and objectives and demonstrate how these will be achieved within the specified timeframe and budget of the Engaged Anthropology Grant.

It is very important to show how your project will benefit the host community and/or the academic community in the country of research.  We suggest that you divide your answer into two sections, the first describing your project and the second providing a convincing argument for the benefits it will provide.

If your project involves the development of content, such as ethnographic film,   educational materials or museum displays, this content should be clearly described. The nature of the collaboration with individuals in the host community should be clearly outlined. If your project involves the academic community, be explicit about the proposed activities and why they are appropriat