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The applicant should request confidential "Letters of Recommendation" from both the Home Sponsor and the Host Sponsor. These letters must be sent directly to the Foundation and should arrive no later than DECEMBER 15. Letters of Recommendation may be sent by e-mail ( or by fax (1-212-532-1492) to expedite delivery. If they are sent by e-mail they must be submitted in a format compatible with Microsoft Word 2003, or as an Adobe PDF. Acceptable document formats include “.doc”, “.txt”, “.xls” and “.pdf” extensions. Please note that applications cannot be processed unless both letters of recommendation are received by the application deadline.

Download Instructions for the Home Sponsor Letter of Recommendation and send to your Home Sponsor. Click Here For Letter

Download Instructions for the Host Sponsor Letter of Recommendation and send to your Host Sponsor. Click Here for Letter

  1. The Home Sponsor must be an academic member of the insti