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Institutional Development Grant Questions

  1. Describe anthropology in your country as well as at your institution.

    Provide details about the history of anthropology in your country and at your institution.  Describe your department (e.g. number of doctoral students, the number of doctoral degrees awarded in anthropology in the last five years, the number of full-time anthropology staff/faculty, the scope of anthropology taught, etc.). Describe the resources currently available to anthropology at your institution (e.g. library, computer, laboratory and other relevant facilities) as well as sources of funding in your country to support anthropology. It is important to establish the fact that your department is located in a country where anthropology, or any of its major sub-disciplines, is underrepresented and where there are limited resources to support academic development. [one and a half pages]

  2. Describe the history of your institution and its funding structure.

    Provide the history of your institution and its relationship to other universities and educational institutions in your country. Please detail the funding available to: your institution (e.g. private or public); students in your institution; and doctoral studies generally.[one half page]

  3. Describe the major development goals for your program. What changes would you like to see in your department/institution at the end of the five-year funding period?

    Provide detailed information about your development goals for each y