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General information about the applicants and project

You will be asked to provide the following general information about the applicants and your project:

  1. Name of Applicant: Give full legal name: first, middle, and surname.
  2. Name of Co-Applicant. Give full legal name: first, middle, and surname.
  3. Title of project: Provide a brief descriptive title for the research proposed.
  4. Total amount requested in U.S. Dollars: List only the total amount requested from the Wenner-Gren Foundation for this project. Include U.S. Dollar equivalent at date of application.
  5. Abstract of project: A concise description of approximately 200 words is requested. If the application is successful, this description will be posted on the Wenner-Gren website.
  6. Beginning date of the phase of the project for which support is requested: Give the beginning date of the project, or of the phase of the project for which funding is requested. Indicate the expected duration of the project (the period during which grant funds would be expended) by providing calendar dates.
  7. Co-Principal Investigators participating in the project: List any additional Co-Principal Investigators and provide a brief academic background of each person listed. Informants, guides, field assistants or other interlocutors should not be included.
  8. Other sources of aid received or requested for phase of project covered in this application: For funding already received or committed, list sources, amounts, and budget items to be covered. For funding being requested, list sources, dates of application, amounts, and budget items included in the request.

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