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You must submit a detailed budget with your online application.

The maximum award for the Innovations in  Public Awareness of Anthropology Grant is US$20,000. Applicants should submit a budget within this limit.

Provide a budget only for the items and amounts you are requesting from Wenner-Gren. If your project is dependent on funding from more than one source, you should include a brief description of the items not covered in your Wenner-Gren budget together with the cost of these items. Please also include a statement of the feasibility of your project if additional funding is not forthcoming.

It is important to include a detailed breakdown of the budget, showing how expenses were estimated in each category. You should use the categories listed below when relevant and be detailed in your justification/explanation. Items not fully justified will not be considered.

Expenses allowed:

  1. Expenses directly related and essential to the IPAA project, including travel, living expenses during the project and any project assistance, visa fees, and any other relevant expenditure. Childcare expenses will be considered if there is no adult family member available to care for the child/ren during the project. Note that childcare expenses cannot exceed more than $2000.