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Download Conference Grant or Workshop Grant Application Forms and Instructions

The deadline for the current Conference & Workshop Grant season has passed and applications are no longer being accepted.

Revised forms for the next application season will be posted in April 2017.

Attention: Applicants without Microsoft Word

All Wenner-Gren application forms are created using the Microsoft Word 2003 format, which requires Microsoft Word (or a Word-compatible text editor) in order to be filled out.

Individuals must have Microsoft Word 2003 or later versions of Word (or Word 2003-capable programs, like Mac/Word or WordPerfect) in order to fill out this application form so that it maintains the original formatting.  APPLICATION FORMS SUBMITTED MUST MAINTAIN ORIGINAL FORMATTING AND LAYOUT,  OTHERWISE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR REVIEW.

If you do not have Word 2003 or later (or a Word 2003-capable program), please contact Laurie Obbink, the Conference Program Associate, for a freeware version of the application that can be filled out and submitted online like the downloadable application form.