Freeday in Semmering

Along with the impromptu ping-pong matches and late-night discussions at the dinner table and bar, the day-trip into Vienna and near-by Semmering was an integral part of the Burg Wartenstein symposium model that gave scholars the chance for a different type of interaction, often as valuable as those in the conference room.

Carlo Alberto Baud, Mrs. Henri V. Vallois, and Henri Vallois enjoy a "freeday" in Semmering during the summer of 1960.

Mrs. Ples

Up until it ceased operations in 1978, the Wenner-Gren Foundation's casting program, "Anthro-Cast," made high-quality, epoxy resin casts of  unique fossil specimens (such as Sterkfontein 5 Cranium, "Mrs. Ples") available to institutions and individuals scientists throughout the world.  These extremely accurate reproductions helped foster the documentation of the Hominidae fossil record and promoted teaching of the nature and significance of the major biological and behavioral transformations in human evolution.