20th Anniversary Essays: Wenner-Gren Foundation and Anthropology

Following the example established in the Foundation's "Annual Report for 1951," which included a survey and analysis by A.L. Kroeber of the Foundation's programs and activiities during its first ten years, on the occasion of the Foundation's 20th Anniversary, the Board of Directors requested three eminent, senior anthropologists in the major areas of specialization to prepare a statement on the role performed by the Wenner-Gren Foundation in its second decade of funding research in anthropology.

Lita Osmundsen

Lita Osmundsen (Wenner-Gren Foundation President 1963-1986) in front of the entrance to the Foundation's offices at 14 West 71st Street in New York City circa the 1970s.  The brownstone, purchased by Axel Wenner-Gren in 1951, served as the Foundation's headquarters until it was sold in 1978.


Image from AnthroCast Catalogue

The Foundation's early interest in developing more sophisticated tech­nical aids (Laboratory and Loan Equipment Program, 1948-1952) led to the exploration of new technologies for the safe and more accurate replication of fossils and associated artifacts.