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Wenner-Gren Foundation Confidentiality and Conflict-of-Interest Statement for Reviewers

January 1, 2011

Confidentiality of Proposals and Applicants

  1. The contents of all applications are to be treated as confidential. Do not copy, quote, or otherwise use or disclose to anyone, including your graduate students or post-doctoral or research associates, any material from any proposal you are asked to review.
  2. All applications should be destroyed once you have completed the review process.


Confidentiality of the Review Process

  1. Your identity as a reviewer of a particular proposal is kept confidential, although the Foundation does publish a list of all reviewers, including their academic affiliation, in its annual report.
  2. The Foundation sends anonymous feedback to all declined and approved applicants.
  3. You as a reviewer will receive anonymous feedback for all of the proposals that you review along with reviewer scores and the funding decision. This information is confidential and is not to be disclosed to anyone (e.g. current applicants, future applicants, colleagues).


What Constitutes a Conflict-of-Interest as a reviewe