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Sensible Objects - Latest International Symposia Volume

Sensible Objects: Colonialism, Museums and Material Culture , 2006
Elizabeth Edwards, Chris Gosden and Ruth B. Phillips

Anthropologists of the senses have long argued that cultures differ in their sensory registers. This groundbreaking volume applies this idea to material culture and the social practices that endow objects with meanings in both colonial and postcolonial relationships. It challenges the privileged position of the sense of vision in the analysis of material culture. Contributors argue that vision can only be understood in relation to the other senses. In this they present another challenge to the assumed western five-sense model, and show how our understanding of material culture in both historical and contemporary contexts might be reconfigured if we consider the role of smell, taste, touch and sound, as well as sight, in making meanings about objects.

Available now through Berg Publishers. U.S. Residents can purchase this volume here.

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